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Adnaco-S2A 5Gb/s Over Fiber Optic Expansion System With 2 PCIe and 2 PCI Slots

The Adnaco-S2A PCI/PCIe Gen 2 Expansion System is the S1A system with the R1BP1A backplane mounted in a microATX case.


  • S1A system with R1BP1A backplane mounted in microATX case
  • 2 PCI and 2 PCIe cards can operate simultaneously in expansion chassis
  • Communication over fiber optic using x1 PCIe 5GT/s lane
  • Optical isolation
  • Compact thermally advantaged chassis
  • 300W power supply

S2A system includes

  • H1A: host adapter
  • C2A: chassis with installed R1BP1A backplane, 1 fan and 300W power supply
  • FC1: LC-LC duplex fiber optice cable

Ordering information

For ordering information visit: S2A order page


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