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Adnaco-S1B 5Gb/s Over Fiber Optic Expansion System With 4 PCIe Slots

The Adnaco-S1B 5GT/s PCIe Expansion System allows operation of 4 PCIe x1, x4, x8 and x16 cards remotely from the computer system. No additional programming and drivers are required. Any type of PCI Express peripherals can be used including audio, video, graphics, USB, FireWire, SATA, data-acquisition, and network cards.


  • 4 PCIe cards can operate simultaneously in remote backplane
  • Backplane with 4 PCIe x16 slots (electrical x1)
  • Selectable 2.5 GT/s or 5 GT/s PCIe communication over fiber optic cable
  • Optical isolation
  • Standard pluggable SFP+ transceivers
  • R1BP1B backplane with 4 PCIe x 16 slots (electrical x1)
  • R1BP1B operating temperature: -40° to +85° C with qualified transceivers
  • R1BP1B can be mounted in any standard ATX or MicroATX case
  • Processor and OS independent and tested with:
    • Windows x86/x64: XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    • Linux x86/x64
    • VxWorks

Cable length

  • Multi-Mode fiber optic transceivers and cable:
    • 250+ m at 2.5 GT/s data rate with OM2 cable
    • 100+ m at 5.0 GT/s data rate with OM2 cable
    • 300+ m at 5.0 GT/s data rate with OM3 cable
    • 500+ m at 5.0 GT/s data rate with OM4 cable
  • Single-Mode fiber optic transceivers and cable:
    • 2+ km at 5.0 GT/s data rate with OS1 cable
    • 10 km at 5.0 GT/s data rate with OS2 cable

Data transfer performance depends on cable length:

S1B system includes

  • H1A: host adapter
  • H1-LP: low profile bracket for H1A
  • R1BP1B: backplane with 4 PCIe
  • FC1: LC-LC duplex fiber optic cable
  • R1BP1-IO: I/O shield

Ordering Information

Part numbers below are for S1B systems with multi-mode transceivers and cable

  • S1B-01-000-S: H1A-01, H1-LP, R1BP1B-01, R1BP1-IO, no cable, $575USD, stock
  • S1B-01-001-S: H1A-01, H1-LP, R1BP1B-01, R1BP1-IO, 1 m cable, $585USD, stock
  • S1B-01-010-S: H1A-01, H1-LP, R1BP1B-01, R1BP1-IO, 10 m cable, $590USD, stock
  • S1B-01-025-S: H1A-01, H1-LP, R1BP1B-01, R1BP1-IO, 25 m cable, $615USD, stock
  • S1B-01-050-S: H1A-01, H1-LP, R1BP1B-01, R1BP1-IO, 50 m cable, $640USD, stock
  • S1B-01-100-S: H1A-01, H1-LP, R1BP1B-01, R1BP1-IO, 100 m cable, $680USD, stock

Part numbers for other configurations are listed in the datasheet. Please submit a request for quotation for the price and lead time information.


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