Our JCAT FEMTO USB Card, a PCIe to USB Audio card for desktop PCs, is the ultimate solution for computer audiophiles who want to achieve the best sound quality from their USB DACs and USB-to-S/PDIF converters. The card was specifically designed for low noise high performance audio applications like high-end audio playback.

– audiophile USB audio output for USB DACs & USB-to-S/PDIF converters
– ultra low noise design for high definition audio playback
– ultra low noise linear regulators and high quality filters designed to eliminate noise interferences from the PC
– Femto Clock Technology (Crystek CCHD-957) lowers jitter below measurable levels
– µDP720201 NEC controller
– high durability gold plated USB 3.0 connectors from Amphenol
– two USB 3.0 connectors supporting Low Speed (1.5 Mbps), Full-Speed (12 Mbps), Hi-Speed (480 Mbps) and Super-Speed (5 Gbps) data rates
– 5V can be supplied from computer PSU via LP4 connector or from external PSU via 2.1/5mm center positive DC jack connector
– both full-size and low-profile PCIe brackets included